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Pegasus Squire, Inc.

Pegasus Squire, Inc. is an expert Electronic-Discovery consulting firm, utilizing a proven distinctive method of delivering E-Discovery solutions.  The team consists of senior professionals with between 10 to 25 years of experience in the industry, and has been involved with precedent-setting cases involving E-Discovery, Computer Forensics, and the associated expert testimony.  They have been recognized as an Industry Leader by the Southern California Business Journal, and have been featured in the New York Times.

The Pegasus Squire team's most notable engagements include working with the prevailing party on the nation’s largest corporate Intellectual Property theft case, which created numerous Federal precedents in the area of Electronic Discovery.

Strategy & Consulting

The Pegasus team provides consulting on Clients' strategy, scope and approach to the matter at hand.


The Pegasus team will inspect media and/or systems; acquire, evaluate, restore, and resolve data and evidence.

Computer Forensics

The Pegasus team will perform data preservation, discovery and/or production requests.

Expert Testimony

The Pegasus team assists our Clients with the process and steps required to prepare for hearings, depositions and/or trial.  Pegasus will draft affidavits, declarations and appear at our client’s request as an expert witness. We have testified as experts in both Federal and State courts, both for global matters, and also domestically from coast to coast.



Pegasus Squire, Inc